OTT: Local Media Case Studies

Advancements in over-the-top (OTT) content/distribution continue to present lucrative opportunities for local media companies. WATCH NOW In this webcast, we’ll present multiple case studies and uncover what OTT adopters are currently doing; discuss what strategies are working the best; and reveal where tangible monetization and exponential OTT business growth is occurring. Our Panel Includes: [...]

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Understanding License Fees

For a content owner, getting paid a license fee used to be a very simple equation of (rate) x (subs).  But with numerous types of rates now, numerous types of subscribers, a fast evolving technology infrastructure and the human element involved in this process, the burden on our MVPD and OTT distribution partners is daunting.  [...]

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Desire to Get Free Content Opens up New Opportunity for ATSC 3.0

Nielsen recently published a report entitled Video on Demand: How Worldwide Video Viewing Habits are Evolving Amid an Evolving Media Landscape. The report reveals that 68% of North Americans don't mind viewing advertisements as long as doing so allows them to stream quality programming for free. This probably isn't surprising, as YouTube and other OTT [...]

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