Application Deadline:

Summer 2019 Internship Application Period – Sept. 5 – Nov. 2, 2018


There is a growing need to fill engineering and technology positions at broadcast facilities across the country. Many stations have expressed concerns over how to find and attract the next generation of technical talent to our industry.

PILOT and the NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) will award grants to selected NAB member stations to provide paid engineering or media technology internships to undergraduate students.

We’re giving preference to small and medium-sized members that do not currently offer engineering or media-technology internships, however, we will consider larger members interested in starting or adding such internships.


  • Applicant organization must be an NAB member station
  • Station must submit a complete application and have the support of the general manager, and if necessary, corporate management
  • Station must be able to provide a hands-on experience for the intern
  • Station must have a planned program for the full internship term OR a job description that will describe the intern’s duties while employed
  • Part-time spring internships or full-time summer internships will be considered*

* The initial round of funding covers the spring and summer 2019 academic terms. It is possible that a subsequent funding round(s) may also cover internships for the fall 2019 term and beyond.

Grant Details

PILOT/NABEF will provide internship funds to selected stations in advance, but will require grantees to agree that all participant requirements will be fulfilled.

Spring 2019 Internship Grant:

$3,000 to cover the cost of interns at $14 per hour for 11 20-hour weeks.

Summer 2019 Internship Grant:

$4,500 to cover the cost of interns at $14 per hour for eight 40-hour weeks.

In addition, the following will be provided to selected stations by PILOT/NABEF:

  • An online engineering/media technology internship guide
  • Assistance in locating or selecting an intern for the position, if needed
  • A database of resources for potential engineering/media technology interns

Station Responsibilities

Stations participating in the grant program will be required to perform the following:

  • Determine if the intern will work in engineering, IT or another media technology department
  • Select a staff member who will be the primary contact for the internship program, and who will manage the internship grant for the station
  • Solicit for and select intern
  • Participate in update calls with PILOT/NABEF
  • Complete an evaluation of the program
  • Agree that PILOT/NABEF funds provided by this program are applied solely to intern stipends and are not to be applied by the station to interns’ housing costs. If the station decides to hire a student who needs housing, the station’s primary contact should be prepared to assist the student with finding housing for the internship period as needed.

Intern Responsibilities

Interns receiving the grant program’s funds will be required to perform the following:

  • Report to work regularly and accept the terms of a part-time or full-time internship position.
  • Continuously solicit feedback from station and fully explore learning opportunities.
  • Work with the station to locate housing and cover any housing costs.
  • Create a video journal of internship experiences. The journal must be submitted with the evaluation at the end of the program.
  • Attend NAB Show to share a video journal highlighting your internship experience or meet with key technology executives at NAB headquarters. Interns attending NAB Show will serve as staff interns for the Show. Interns will not be paid for their time worked on these trips but their travel expenses will be paid by NAB.
  • Complete an evaluation of the program.

Spring 2019 Internship Grant

Application live

July 15, 2018

Application deadline

August 15, 2018

Stations selected

September 7, 2018

Student recruitment period

September 2018

Students selected

October 2018


January – April 2019

Summer 2019 Internship Grant

Application live

September 5, 2018

Application deadline

November 2, 2018

Stations selected

November 30, 2018

Student recruitment period

January 2019

Students selected

March 2019


April – Summer 2019