Today at NAB Show: A New Partnership, Darth Vader and the Blue Banana

Frankly and Shareablee Announce Partnership

There was some exciting news today from PILOT charter members Shareablee and Frankly Media, who announced that they have formed a new partnership. Steve Chung, Frankly CEO, said that this partnership would enable them to integrate Shareablee’s “industry leading data” into Frankly’s CMS and give broadcast clients a “one-stop, turnkey solution to manage their digital platforms.”

“Shareablee has clearly become the industry standard for social measurement.” –  Steve Chung, CEO of Frankly.

You can read more about the partnership in Frankly and Shareablee’s press release.


There was good news for the ATSC 3.0 next generation TV standard at the show. Frank N. Magid released a survey that said that two thirds of smart TV owners liked the idea of the extra functionality that the standard will provide.

Nearly 70% of internet-connected TV owners say the new opportunities offered by ATSC 3.0 are appealing – Frank N. Magid Associates survey.

The PILOT ATSC 3 Home Gateway project debuting in Futures Park shows some of these capabilities, including advanced emergency alerting and target advertising.

“Next-gen television is about much more than just improving the video and audio experience,” – So Vang, NAB PILOT

You can read more about the report in Broadcasting and Cable.

PILOT is also broadcasting a live ATSC 3 signal from Futures park, which exclusively features the solution to the Riddle of the Blue Banana…


Andy Shenkler, Sony

Chief Solutions and Technology Officer at Sony, Andy Shenkler, had an outstanding keynote presentation for the Cloud Innovation Conference today, which focused on the Cloud and OTT.

He took the audience through the process of pirating videos online, and urged them to not dismiss piracy, but look to it for a source of ideas. “We don’t talk about this,” he said “not in terms of how we can learn and be competitive.”

“The most valuable product has everything you really need, not everything you want.”

Andy also warned the audience not to have technology for technology’s sake, and invoked the great broadcast advocate and OTT mogul Darth Vader, to remind them not to “…be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed.”

Eric Brewer, Google

Eric Brewer, VP of Google gave the Cloud Innovation Conference’s first keynote address this morning.

“My dream is you use the resources you have and the cloud plugin manages 10,000 nodes on your behalf.”


NAB CTO Sam Matheny signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KOBETA (Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association) today, agreeing that the two groups will cooperate with each other on next-generation TV.


Futures Park Highlighted Exhibitors




David Layer sat down with NAB Engineering Achievement Award for Radio winner Andy Laird.

David Layer and Andy Laird on NAB Podcast

David Layer and Andy Laird on NAB Podcast

You can listen to the NAB Podcast here.

NAB CTO Sam Matheny addressed the CCBN at the Chinese Broadcasting Technology Seminar.

Sam Matheny addresses CBC

Sam Matheny addresses CCBN

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