Today at NAB Show: BEC Keynote, DFX and Virtual Reality

The Broadcast Engineering Conference kicked off today with NAB CTO Sam Matheny’s keynote. Sam paid tribute to NAB VP of technology John Marino, who will retire this year. He also took time to remember the late great Ernie Jones, and looked at the future of broadcasting.

Diconvergence: A difference or conflict in interests, wishes and technologies that come together from different directions so as to eventually meet in chaos.

You can check out the full video of the keynote below, or read our blog post for the highlights.

Digital Futures Exchange

The must see conference of the day was the Digital Futures Exchange, where experts from the Pew Research Center, LMA, BIA/Kelsey and IAB joined in an interactive discussion about driving digital revenue.

“Trust is huge. Traditional news orgs have higher level of trust.” Kat Matsa, Pew Research Center

“Most of us want to be selling audiences not screens.” Joe Laszlo, IAB

If your looking for some great information on targeting digital advertisements, check out the Local Buyer Guide from BIA Kelsey/and IAB.

PILOT Executive Director John Clark sits down with Chief Satisfaction Officer of Newsly Blake Sabatinellimore
Katerina Matsa of the Pew Research Center and Gloria Stitt of Shareableemore
Rick Ducey and Mark Fratrik of BIA Kelseymore
DFX Networking Breakmore
Nancy Lane of Local Media Associationmore
DFX Receptionmore
Mike Chapman of Accenture Strategy, Catherine Baldamente of Graham Media and Sarah Foss of Imagine Communications wrap up the DFX with an interactive panel onmore

Future of Cinema Conference

The Future of Cinema Conference wrapped up today with some great stuff today on VR and AR.

Brandon Cahoon talks world building in VR and AR at the Future of Cinema Conference


The BEC is jam packed with standout sessions including David Layer’s presentation of the results from the All-digital AM tests, Lynn Claudy giving the first results from the ATSC 3.0 field tests in Cleveland.

The Design and Implementation of China Digital Radio, and HD Radio Diversity Delay Field Observations were standout sessions.

Design and Implementation of China Digital Radio presented by director of SAPPRFT, Gao Peng, introduced the main features of China Digital Radio (CDR) system and the roadmap for its rollout in China stood out. The HD Radio Diversity Delay Field Observations presentation by Alan Jurison of iHeartMedia was another stand out session. You can read the details of this paper in our recent blog post on it.

David Layer presenting results from the all-digital AM testing

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