TV2020 at NAB Show New York


Next Gen TV was the topic of the day for PILOT at NAB Show New York. The TV2020 Conference kicked off this morning with a presentation by Accenture Strategy’s Managing Director, Mike Chapman.

During his presentation, Mike outlined 4 key imperatives that broadcasters should focus on for next gen TV:

  • Think Beyond ‘Towers & TV’
    Develop a multiplatform broadcaster ecosystem as a defense play within the DMA and offensive play outside of it where appropriate
  • Increase Relevance in Digital; Expand Content Offerings
    Leverage local content assets and market presence, combined with selective catalog expansions, to increase relevance in digital
  • Exploit TV’s Advertising Halo Advantages
    Utilize advantages of multiplatform TV content in the advertising marketplace to maximize MROI for advertisers
  • Build the Future of Broadcast TV Collectively; Don’t Go at it Alone
    Develop broadcaster cooperatives that can build next gen capabilities at scale while sharing deployment costs and risks

NAB CTO Sam Matheny also spoke at TV 2020. Sam underlined the importance of ATSC 3, declaring that it’s not just tech talk, “It’s better storytelling.”

So Vang presents the PILOT Home Gateway during the TV2020 Conference

So Vang presents the PILOT Home Gateway during the TV2020 Conference

So Vang delved into the targeted ad capabilities of ATSC 3 by presenting the PILOT Home Gateway Demo. You can check out a video of our demo below:

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