NAB is a founding charter member of the Ultra HD Forum. This means that we have been a charter member ever since the creation of the Forum. If you visit their membership page, you will see the Forum has founding members and charter members, but not founding charter members. That is because I made the phrase up to meet my needs.

A similar situation exists in the world of advanced video creation and distribution. I wrote this “What’s In A Name” blog in an attempt to help clarify some of the naming conventions in use today. I hope you’ll take the time pop over and see my lighthearted nitpicking and defining ultra high definition.

We joined the Ultra HD Forum because we are firm believers in advancing the state of the art, and because delivering Ultra HD is one of the key benefits that is enabled by ATSC 3.0, or Next Generation TV. Supporting and participating in the Forum is one way we are supporting better broadcasting. Deploying new technologies is hard work and the Forum is focused setting the guidelines and specifications that will enable better adoption and a smoother transition. You can see where things stand by checking out their Ultra HD Service Tracker.

It is my honor and pleasure to serve on the board of the Forum and to help chair the communications committee. There are some great companies and real experts in the Forum and we welcome your participation if you would like to join us.