WNJU Telemundo 47 Parade Live Stream

In 2015, WNJU produced a 4-camera live switch, live web stream from inside a moving live truck (IPNG-1 Ford Explorer) that was in and part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City.

Photo: Ashoka Jegroo via Wikimedia Commons

In order to make this happen, WNJU relied on CBNG technology from LiveU, an IP-based live video service that enables live transmission from anywhere in the world via wireless technology. Content was transmitted via LiveU, using GoPro cameras and one microwave camera-to-truck link for the roving camera. The truck was part of the parade in front of the WNJU float.

Why is it important?

Broadcasting live parade content to web viewers was geared toward community involvement and giving them a unique perspective and point of view of what it was like to be in the parade. It extended the reach of the parade and provided a service to the community.
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